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For Partners

Rusfinance Bank. Your reliable partner

Joining in the Rusfinance Bank’s financing programme, you acquire just another up-to-date tool to manage your sales. It means

  • Individual approach
    • Our approach is focused on the specificity of your business, taking into account specific aspects of your market and adapting Rusfinance Bank’s credit products particularly to your car dealership or a store.
    • Broad range of credit products.
    • We offer your customers a broad range of loans with various rates and repayment due dates, enabling you to retain loyal customers  and attract new ones.
  • Attracting new customer groups
    • You get an access to new groups of customers. With our large customer base, you can regularly circulate your advertising materials to our customers.
  • No commercial risks
    • Rusfinance Bank’s lending programme is developed in such a way as to prevent you from incurring financial risk. You would not need either extra employees to serve our customers or additional expenditures on special equipment. Funds are transferred to your account within the shortest possible period of time.
  • Marketing consulting support
    • Rusfinance Bank supports its partners with consulting services in marketing, including up-to-date customer behaviour analysis, training sessions for your sales staff, developing joint advertising and promotion events.
  • Rusfinance Bank. Your reliable partner
    • International consumer financing experience;
    • Latest technologies adapted to the Russian environment;
    • Accessible long-term resources;
    • Transparent and risk-free procedures.
  • Services
    • Vast co-operation geography
    • High-quality personnel training;
    • Advertising support;
    • High-speed operating IT platform;
    • Consistent chain-stores servicing approach.
  • Customer centricity
    • Simple repayment procedure;
    • Transparent credit products;
    • Low cost loans;
    • Joint marketing budget possible;
    • Individual credit products for partners;
    • Individual local, regional and federal managers.


Contact information

  • Moscow: +7 495 926-70-00
  • Samara: +7 846 276-44-11