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About the Bank

Rusfinance Bank is one of the leading consumer finance players in Russia, covering the full range of products and services. Rusfinance Bank covers 64 Russian regions, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Rusfinance Bank is a subsidiary of Societe Generale in Russia.

Car Financing
Cash Loans
Credit Cards
POS Financing


      To study deeply and professionnaly your loan request      
“SGCF entity” commits itself to deeply study your loan request so that
the repayment of the loan will be adjusted to your budget:
“SGCF entity” commits itself to evaluate your financial capacities
• with credit checks when required,
• by requesting documents proving ID, your home address, stating income and recurring expenses.
      To be flexible      
“SGCF entity” commits itself to review your loan conditions if your personal life has changed so much that
it requires a new evaluation of the conditions. Following your needs closely and being flexible
are key points in our commercial offer demonstrating our know-how. 
      To say NO if necessary      
SGCF entity” commits itself to refuse the loan if after the study it appears that your indebtedness ratio is too high.
So the “SGCF entity” commits itself to avoid any predictable financial trouble. 
      To be clear      
“SGCF entity” commits itself to be clear and transparent regarding your loan
providing you the conditions of your loan in a written form.
You will get also a complete set of marketing materials explaining the offer.
You can also access a transparent information on our website.
      To insure your contracts are protected from unpredictable events      
Unpredictable events often arrive in life, today you can insure your contract to protect yourself from these events.
“SGCF entity” proposes certain types of insurance to help you face difficulties you may have with reimbursement.
      To work with you      
“SGCF entity” commits itself to offer solutions to rebalance people with financial troubles. Collection will be managed in a
human and professional way with people on line to support your needs and provide you with the right information.